Sexuality and Choice

06 Aug

I’ve recently read an article and I felt compelled to write about it. you can find a link here.–choice-born-science_n_2003361.html

You don’t have to read it, but it’s a very good article. It talks about whether homosexuality is a choice, whether it is immoral, and the current approach of attaining homosexual equality.

To give a bit of background on my perspective, I am a male bisexual who is quite happy to have turned out this way. I do have a few grievances with the way LGBT people are treated but this is not a side effect of sexual orientation or gender identity. It’s about perspective and the way people treat each other. For me, being bisexual has been a mostly beneficial experience. What this is all meant to say is that if I was given a choice to be bisexual, I would have taken it.

It’s not a choice though. It’s not determined at birth either. I define sexual orientation by attraction, and not actions. Any straight guy can have sex with a man, there’s actually a large porn market for it. Gay guys could also chose to never have sex with men. Your actions are not what define your orientation.

So, to me orientation is about attraction, and attraction is what makes you like a person, sexually. Penis, Vagina, Big butts, small ones, or the cute way they laugh, people like different things. You don’t get a multiple choice survey when you’re born. You just like what you like.

However, your likes aren’t carved in stone when you’re born. People change. I’ve probably changed my favorite color more times than I can count. It’s the same way with sexuality, it changes on its own. Most people get their first crush when they’re young and on someone their age. If people didn’t adapt their likes as they aged, everyone would be a pedophile.

sexual orientation can and does change for many people, but its not something you can decide on. It’s something that happens to you. How, or why still isn’t fully understood yet, even on the biological side.

Gay people are just people. Their preferences don’t harm anyone. It’s sad that the world requires homosexuals to justify the simple fact that they like their same gender counterparts. It shouldn’t be necessary to say that you can’t control what you like.

It’s high school all over again. You like the same sex, you’re wrong. You like to read, you’re a nerd. You apreciate your parents, you’re a mama’s boy. You don’t like to drink, you’re weak.

Everyone needs to learn to appreciate that we’re all different. Diversity is an amazing thing. It’s beneficial in genetics, economics, culture, and many other areas.

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